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2014 AGM Report AGM Outcomes 2014 15 members attended our 2014 AGM on 5th July An important change to the constitution was agreed: Constitutional Changes Amendments to the Constitution: (a)Rob Masding proposed that in Finance 5: “A bank account shall be held by TTE. There shall be three signatories to the accounts drawn from the Umbrella, any two of which may sign at any time.” the word “three” should be changed to “four”. Seconded by Jenny Budden, and unanimously agreed. (b) Adrian Toole proposed that in Membership 2 the last sentence shall be deleted and replaced by “The subscription amount shall be set by each AGM and will be due at the date of the AGM.” Seconded by Jenny Budden and unanimously agreed. Adrian Toole then proposed that the subscription for 2014/15 shall continue as £1. This was unanimously agreed.   Reports   CHAIRMAN’S REPORT. A Report on the Activities of the period Autumn 2013-Summer 2014 was summarised by the Interim Chairman (Adrian Toole) and the Secretary (Noel Harrower) together. Adrian concluded with a summary of events planned for the year ahead but warned that the recent work load of the officers could not be sustained. Future events       LETS Summer BBQ     Green Drinks to be held at the Park Hotel on Exeter Road from 7:30pm; this event is to be monthly -  first Thursday.     A welcome to a group of Tolpuddle Festival Walkers who are passing through Exmouth on July 14th on their way to a Budleigh campsite.     An Autumn season of films and discussions about sustainable living     Sustainable Exmouth Campaign. Andy Lock is preparing a power point     presentation and will show his first version of this immediately after the AGM TREASURER’S REPORT. The Treasurer (Peter Dennes) presented his statement of Accounts for the year to 31st March 2014. The Independent Examiner’s Report on these accounts was attached. He also presented his report on the current situation. The grant received from Devon County Council towards the costs of The Taste of Exmouth Project have now been expended, and the current balance in the Co-op Account now stands at £97.08. Peter was thanked for the work he has done, and appreciation was shown by those present. Election of Officers. Chairman: David Ireson proposed that Adrian Toole, our current Acting Chairman be formally elected. Andy Lock seconded this, and Adrian was unanimously accepted. Secretary: Noel Harrower indicated his wish to retire after having served for three years, but as no one else was willing to stand, he agreed to continue in the post for the time being. Discussion resulted in some suggestions as to how the duties might be lightened, and these will be considered. Noel was thanked for the work he has done and for continuing in this role and appreciation was shown by those present. Treasurer: Peter Dennes indicated his wish to retire having served for three years. He was again thanked. Robert Masding offered to stand for this post. Noel Harrower proposed him, and Andy Lock seconded. Robert Masding was confirmed in the role. Membership Officer and Newsletter Editor. Adrian Toole offered to continue with this work. Roger Gibson proposed that this offer be accepted and Andy Lock seconded. This was agreed unanimously. COLP Representatives: Adrian and Noel will continue with these duties There were no candidates for the posts of Events Officer or Press & Publicity Officer Additional Umbrella Representatives: It was agreed that Andy Lock would continue, and that as far as we knew Jane Habermehl as the LETS contact would continue. Andrew Colman and Simon Pardoe would be invited. Umbrella Group The following will sit on the Umbrella Group for the year ahead either because they are officers or because they volunteered:       Adrian Toole     Noel Harrower     Andy Lock     David Ireson     Rob Masding   Motion: That this AGM should consider a change of name for this organisation, that the Umbrella will invite the membership to confer on this matter and that the Umbrella Group will be empowered to consider these suggestions and make a proposal at a suitable time either at an AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Ron Masding moved this recommendation, Elinor Scott seconded; the motion was agreed, and a discussion followed. Elinor recalled that several members of the public at the Exmouth Festival thought that our stall belonged to the local authority and that we were responsible for the regeneration proposals of the District Council. Adrian Toole explained that, despite a name change, we would still be part of Transition Town network, and said several UK TT groups had chosen different names. Ideas suggested were Green Exmouth (Mike Hines), Sustainable Exmouth (Adrian), and Planet Exmouth (Roger). The motion to promote a discussion amongst members was agreed. The formal business of the AGM was declared over, and after a tea break during which the naming discussion continued, Andy Lock gave a presentation on our new project, Sustainable Exmouth, which was much appreciated by members and followed by a discussion. The meeting closed at 18.00