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Reducing waste What positive stuff is happening now No plastic bags in some shops Plastic free Exmouth is in place Kerbside recycling and (paid) green waste collection Refill Devon – offering free drinking water to residents and visitors Refills available from Mother Earth , the Strand and Heart & Soul, Exmouth Market Reuse waste in art projects to inspire other people by example Refuse new fashion, promote slow fashion and charity shops Leading by example – sarah allen reducing her residual waste bin to 1 bin every 6 months, blogs demonstrating its possible. Stickers – keep Exmouth clean and green, sponsored by the chamber of commerce Street community – eco bricks to make a wall Vision for 2030 Exe Change hub where skill shares, library of things, reuse workshops could be held - possibly the Thomas Tucker building or old post office Everyone takes Refuse, Reduce, Reuse ,Repair, Recycle for granted Recycled products etc shop More refill shops in the strand Farmers market Complete withdrawal of wet wipes and any single use items Cultural shift away from plastic cups, bags, bottles and takeaways Recycling of textiles and repurposing to make new fashion Reduce waste from all sectors Families able to cook and use everything to prevent wastage Library of things so that people borrow rarely used items Cut out waste packaging Who needs to be involved Everybody needs to become champions and get the younger generation engaged Artists community – need help with marketing Manufacturers on board Celebration of achievements – need to get local businesses on board Local and central government Schools Flexible shop hours Need engagement from social media and newspapers Next steps As individuals Use the Refill shops in Exmouth : Mother Earth , the Strand and Heart & Soul, Exmouth Market Buy fewer microwave meals Recycle everything. Return non-recyclable packaging to the shop or manufacturer, explaining why Refuse, Reduce, Reuse ,Repair, Recycle Tell people what we are doing