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Community Networking What positive things are happening in Exmouth now? Everyone came here tonight We still have the LETs scheme (launched in 2010) Eco Church Network Exmouth in Need and similar groups on FB Open Door o partnering with local supermarkets re food waste o Men’s Shed – learning and sharing skills o Community Café – cheap hot food and drinks with befriending o Craft Room – in littleham, adult skill sharing Repair Café once a month in town Clean Street Exmouth Clean beach Exmouth Food Co-op Vision for 2030 Exmouth will have made its name as an eco-resort. Eco tourism is promoted and there is a “green badge” scheme Nobody in Exmouth is left behind as social justice goes hand in hand with Climate Justice. Every faith community in Exmouth has a green policy and credentials Every business and community group has a green policy and credentials Exmouth as an eco-community – embracing 2nd hand shops Informed and educated residents Foodbank won’t exist but a thriving LETs scheme will Central arts centre with café, eco “hub” - powered by Green Energy. Supported by local initiatives like Tidelines A discovery and cultural centre (on Queens Drive Phase 3?) More local jobs to be a more sustainable community. A local job centre. Credits for community and voluntary work Street communities working together to enhance their environment Street play – with road closures regularly for safe play and neighbourhood participation and interaction Park and ride to town More locally grown food – including community orchards and a community bakery Opportunities to celebrate what we grow and share – more localism Police station specifically for Exmouth Care system upgraded More co-ownership to encourage working with our neighbours A Library of Things and Toy Library Garden share and more use of public open spaces Affordable adult education and re-skilling Real participation of residents in shaping policy decisions Loneliness tackled by community working more together, “chat benches” installed around the town