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Exmouth LETS (Exmouth Local Exchange Trading System) launched in August 2010. The cash-free trading system proved a hit right from the start, with brisk trading… ‘It’s absolutely brilliant!’ says Paul Strange. ‘We’ve had pounds of windfall apples from other members, which we’ve turned into jam, jelly and chutney to sell for Cockles. In fact, we had so many apples that we hired a cider press off the system to make apple juice and cider. In addition we’re getting a wonderful loaf of homemade bread from Craig Jolly every week and we’ve had rejuvenating massages from Glenda Huggons. Our car’s off the road at the moment, so we were delighted that Goff Harris was able to give us a lift to the TXE Potluck Supper. We’ve also hired a tall ladder from Craig, which meant we could paint a very high wall in our courtyard garden. And the best thing is that – apart from material costs and an annual administration fee of £5 each – we haven’t had to pay a penny for any of this! paul ‘I’ve given a couple of full body massages and have received a wonderful, skilful and blissful reflexology session from Sue Down,’ says Glenda Huggons. ‘For both of us, who are no longer practising professionally, the LETS scheme provides us with the perfect opportunity to make sure our gifts and experience are not accumulating too much dust on the back-burner and will help us to “keep our hand in” (literally). We both shared our delight at having already met some lovely like-minded people who we felt we wouldn’t otherwise have met.’ NEW LETS WEBSITE EXMOUTH LETS stepped up a gear in October 2010 with the launch of its interactive website at http://www.exmouthlets.org.uk. Financed by a grant from Exmouth Town Council and custom-built by Dean Lovett of DL Coding and Tarot Close from Re:Solution on Albion Hill, the Exmouth LETS site was tailored specifically for Exmouth LETS. It not only allows members to manage their own accounts, but to track transactions in progress, and to add or delete offers and requests. A noticeboard has recently been introduced. This allows you to post one-off offers and requests. A feedback section, so you can let others know how well a transaction went, is planned. The website was demonstrated at Exmouth LETS’ first trading event and AGM, held at the Telfer Centre, Exmouth Community College, on Monday 25 October 2010. Tarot and Dean showed members around the site, explaining how it works. They also demonstrated some of the site’s more advanced features. And they took questions from LETS members, who were delighted by the site and its potential. “Our site means that cash-free trading is now just at the click of a mouse button,” says LETS Communications Officer Paul Strange. “One of the problems of any LETS system is the paperwork and admin required for transactions to take place. Our site automates the whole process, making it smooth and easy to administrate. It’s the perfect thing for our members and a great incentive for others to join our rapidly growing group.” For more information about Exmouth LETS, visit http://www.exmouthlets.org.uk, email exmouth.lets@yahoo.co.uk or call 01395 272959.